The Reason


I'm so sorry. Today I had nothing to do, so I checked out my older entries and found out that I forgot to tell you the reason. Reason of what? Try look at the older entries...It's the reason why I choose SMK Cyberjaya. Are you guys really want to know it? Really hope that you are..

The reason is SMK Cyberjaya is nearby Putrajaya, right? And that means it's also nearby my dad's office and Putrajaya Sentral. Since I was a little kid, I've to go to school by van. It's not COMFORTABLE!! Since it's i've to beg my parents to send me to school ( no matter what )

Secondly, the person who got 4a 1b above who only can study at there, so if I study there, I've the chance to compete with the others smart students. With that, I will be even more hardworking and more genius.

P/S : For all the readers, if you want to know something, or bored with my entries, PLEASE TELL ME! I will do my best working in this :D 
One Question: Did you guys feel sleepy reading this? I hope it's a NO 

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