Colourful Holiday

Wow! Time runs very fast! It's already 7th of December. And I've still many things that are not done yet :'( Yeah, I've missions to be done during holiday.. Wanna know it? ( sorry I don't think so because it's my personal things :D ) One of the mission is learning a delicious dish from my chef ( mom ) How am I going to do that since my mom is so busy? I'm going to think about it later..

My daddy is a pilot, so he should take us to the overseas for a vacation, right? But, my mom had a lot of work to do and can't take a leave. What am I going to do? They are my parents. Since they can't, so I've to understand...But, I'm very thankful that I still can go to Langkawi and Melaka for a holiday. All of my friends are so rich that they can go to Japan, Korea,U.S...I'm so jealous! But, I believe I'll be there boarding on a first class flight with my dad driving it soon IF I pray to Allah...

Want to know something? Who said that your holiday is boring without flying to the other countries for a holiday? Tell me. Let's think positive. It will be a very colourful holiday if you done many good things with your family and friends,right? Example? ( Still finding the answer ) I'm working very hard to make this holiday wonderful.
Remember that I've said: I've missions to be done? That is my Secret Weapon to not let my holiday be a waste. Recently, I've made a list of the things that I have to do during holiday. The missions are impossible, but I can make it possible! So, I suggest for those who are so boring that have nothing to do, quickly find a pen and a piece of paper, list your mission impossible. Such as: Prepare a lunch for mom, don't watch tv for a day, etc. Don't just lay in your beds and watch tv okay? *Don't be like Bruno Mars okay? XD*

Who knows that this holiday is our last holiday. So don't waste it! But, don't enjoy it very much, must always remember Allah. Don't create sins. :D Wish you all had a Colourful Holiday!!

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