Nervous!! Chill Up! It's over

( Let's pretend / imagine that the girl is me :D )

Hey there! I'm very grateful to ALLAH, seriously. Thankful that I've pass yesterday successfully :D Want to know about yesterday? I've done three big things...
  1.  Go to sjkc Dengkil ( even though I didn't received the letter , but I've got 6A'S! ) 
  2. The most important event: Student music's like a mini concert 
  3.  Watch my Aunt performance at Sri Pentas 2 ( Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa )
Even though my NAME was not in the list ( who scores 6A ) but I still went there and brought the UPSR slip together. Yeah, and My Mom won...? She bravely attack ( ask ) the people in charge there, and I? received some money!! If she was not there, I guess I will not received it >< Love You Mom!

Yesterday, I had a mini concert. I've to play a big piano ( it's the first time of my life ) and perform a song named River Flows In You. It's pretty hard to play it on piano..Want to hear it? CLICK HERE!! A special thanks for my teacher and my parents for teaching and supported me. Even though my performance were not as perfect as the link up there, but I felt proud that I can play this song...

I'm proud to have Mafa as My Aunt...She's perfect while singing. Who cares that she's not as pretty as Siti Nurhaliza, but her singing is AWESOME! I love her singing very much and she's pretty ( seriously.. to me ). But, there's one thing that annoyed me and the thing is the Camera!! Next Time, I've should have a big banner in front of me XD..and Congratulations MAFA for suceeded to the FINAL ! Let's do Solat Sunat Hajat and pray for her okay?

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