Hey! You are sunny okay?!

*The title makes me imagine the girl up there I want to be like her so cheerful--> Sunny Snsd*
What kind of title is that? Let me explain okay. Sabar2 nnti sy ceritakan, sabarkan separuh drpd iman..hahaha.Today at my place is raining (non stop). Perasaan sy mmg sesuai lhaa dgn cuaca skrg nie..SAD because of many things.  The things are:
  1. Its about a friend ( its too private for me to share it here, I'm so sorry )
  2. I miss my FRIENDS very Much!! -almost a month I didn't see them huhuhu. And my days were so boring without them. All I can do is release my tension at BLOGGER. Thanks to the Blog if not I will die because of boring. haha
  3. I'll miss my FRIEND even more- I've to choose between SMK Putra Perdana, SMK Cyberjaya and da bom ( MRSM ) It's very a hard choice..All of my friends go to SMK Putra Perdana and ofcourse I want to study there too right? But, I had my speacial bestfriend at SMK Cyberjaya and my mom also suggest me to study there...MRSM? My daddy suggest me to study there , because My result are excellent ( xdelaa excellent sgt pown 6a1b ) it will be a waste if I didn't study there...N my choice is SMK Cyberjaya.. Reason? I'll tell you later...
  4. I can't go out riding on bicycles and rolling skates ( hey sy masih budak lagi okay? XD )
Disebabkan itu, sy selalu 'hujan'. Hope going to be sunny later ( I'm talking about myself and the weather )

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