As i promised..going to share it here :D spe x bce lgi entri nie cpt bce! XD 

Topi kite CANTIK! Ko ade? (Y) Location: Cowboy Town
bunga api kat cowboy seriously awesome! maybe x setanding tahun baru punya kot!  

 eceit besar x kuda tuh XD

 jalan2 sekeliling cowboy town dgn naik kete kecik comey nie

sebelum balik hotel posing2 lah dulu! XD

x sbr2 nak balasah semua slides! anyway aq hebat! #perasan jap eh tpi naik slide yg pling menakutkan tuu ok pee :DD location: Water Park

Peace! No War!

Tolong! Tolong! Dinasour nak makan kite!

Dinasour nie comellaa!! Lembut!! X cye? go there and try touch it!

bru lps makan buffet, posing kejap kat dpn pdg golf :D Location: Last day's buffet

#mmg simple jer holiday nie..tpi klw dgn family semua jadi happy / best! btol x? *wink-wink* :D End of Part 2 nnti kan Part 3!! adios~

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